Daytime activities new pioneers.

Mondays for new pioneers

They’ve fled from war, and terror –leaving everything behind. Their jobs, school, everything their lives had been built around is left at home. Now they’re arriving here. In a foreign country that has different values, habits, and traditions.  A while ago I was invited to visit the shelter, and see how they live there. There’s absolutely no luxury to be found in the shelter, just sober bedrooms and a common room filled  with just some seats, a table, and a table tennis table. That’s all.

The corridors were very stuffy. I had to wait in a corridor for a while and noticed all walls were clad with fine lines. I can’t imagine that having a calming effect. It came to me that, if I would have to stay in this space -with a lot of traumatic baggage, in a desperate situation- I would need help, quickly! I feel like something should be done, better sooner than later.

These people do now have a place to live where they can recover from their travels. Here they get a bed to rest on, a shower, and three meals a day. Most occupants rest, wash their clothes, and help clean their units en common rooms.

We at Utopodium think these living conditions are very sober. From our human point of view we want to offer what we have to offer; a space filled with creativity and music. A place where they have the opportunity to express themselves via music, song, culture, and art (drawing and painting for instance). Hidden talents may come to bloom here. For the time being we offer this possibility on Mondays. With the activities we have to offer we wish to help these new pioneers recover, feel at home, and work with others.

These daytime activities will be open to all interested, multiple people can attend.
We hope to offer a place where people can recover as soon as possible. This recovery can be reached in many ways; at our open podium –with other people around- by positive actions and atmosphere.  Those positive actions can for example consist of doing small jobs in the direct neighborhood. This will create asocial image we can show all of Lelystad.

Examples of small jobs we have in mind are cleaning up litter in the direct environment, taking care of plants and flowers, helping out in one of the shops in the city centre. Some of these activities require the help of other organisations. They will be asked to join in. By working together we can split the tasks ahead, and more people get the chance to spill their ideas.

We are looking for people, or organisations, that are willing to join in. A lot’s been done already. Utopodium will be a reliable complement to everything that’s already set in motion.
Do you want to participate, do you have tips for us? Don’t hesitate to contact us at

(We’re looking for a translator).

Thanks to Cat Kooij to the translation work

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